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4milk is the first COMPLETE AND TOTALLY FREE app, developed for you milk farmer. Here you will feel at home. Come with us, you will be surprised!
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Manage and have full control of your dairy herd

Simple, modern and 100% free

A pioneering and complete application of dairy herd management. Intuitive modern interface, agile and simple to use. Download totally free and without monthly payments.

Use with your mobile device or computer *, "online or offline"

Access your herd on a smartphone, tablet and / or computer *. It can be used without an internet connection and synchronized automatically whenever it finds available network.

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Organizing day-to-day operations

With the 4milk the producer does not forget any important day-to-day management. Daily tasks, with groups of animals, can be scheduled in the calendar at the desired frequency. Organizes treatment and reproduction protocols. Generates warning reminders with animals in need, due to the application of medication.

Find out why we are the best choice for you, producer.

  • Improvement of zootechnical indicators

    With the simplicity of visualization and monitoring of the zootechnical indicators, which must be closely monitored, the producer easily identifies the main critical points within the production system.

    Structure of the Organized Herd

    The animals are presented in the application by category, helping in a first moment the visualization of how is the general structure of your herd, for a better monitoring and management of all the animals of your property.

  • Efficiency

    With ownership sharing, managers, technicians and veterinarians who may not be present at all times on properties will be able to remotely monitor the daily operations and results posted in 4milk and suggest new corrective maneuvers whenever necessary.


    By monitoring your herd from end to end in the palm of the hand the farmer is able to manage all the daily tasks, and make more assertive and efficient decisions, improving his zootechnical indexes, which of course results in a higher productivity than by consequence brings greater profitability to the producer.

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Manage your animals efficiently and accelerate your results.

Controlling milk production through an application until recently seemed unreal. Today is a no-return road for thousands of producers. 4milk is already born as a pioneer in its market, and delivers FREE a full service dairy herd management. Come and meet us too!


See what they say about 4milk.

Walter Ribeiro - Engenheiro agrônomo. Coordenador do projeto Balde Cheio, MG, BA e ES.

"É inovador, gratuito. Alguns programas que existem hoje são pagos, caros, impossibilitando que todos os produtores possam utilizar. Três mil propriedades leiteiras participando projeto Balde Cheio em minas. Se eles estiverem inserindo as informações dentro do 4milk, eu vou ter acesso a 3 mil fazendas com a minha senha."

Tatiane Cristelli - Engenheira agrônoma da Cooperativa de Produtores - Rurais de Sete Lagoas, que atende a região e cidades vizinhas.

"Tivemos a oportunidade de testá-lo dentro do treinamento da FAEMG e percebemos o quanto vai ser de fácil manuseio e aplicação no nosso dia a dia, na propriedade rural."

Kassio Gama Costa – Médico Veterinário/Balde Cheio

"A facilidade de se trabalhar com o aplicativo 4milk é muito interessante. É muito fácil de baixar e ter acesso a ele."

Jônadan Hsuan Min Ma – Ex-Presidente da Associação Brasileira dos Criadores de Girolando

"Considero realmente o 4milk uma das melhores ferramentas que eu vi, aplicativo muito prático, direto e objetivo como a gente gosta de fazer no campo."

Rafael Rocha – Consultor e Médico Veterinário na Maximum Soluções em Agronegócio

"Independentemente do local que esteja, a informação está na palma da sua mão."

'It is innovative and free. Some programs that exist today are paid for, expensive, making it impossible for all producers to use them. Three thousand dairy farms participating in the Balde Cheio project in Minas Gerais. If they are entering the information within 4milk, I will have access to 3,000 farms with my password."

Walter Ribeiro - Agronomist. Coordinator of the Balde Cheio project, MG, BA and ES.

"We had the opportunity to test it within the training of FAEMG and we realized how easy it will be to handle and apply in our day to day, in the rural property"

Tatiane Cristelli - Agronomist of the Cooperativa de Produtores Rurais de Sete

Lagoas, which serves the region and surrounding towns.

"The ease of working with the 4milk application is very interesting. It is very easy to download and have access to it."

Kassio Gama Costa - Veterinarian / Full Bucket

"I really consider 4milk one of the best tools I've ever seen, a very practical, straightforward and objective application that we like to do in the field."

Jônadan Hsuan Min Ma - Former President of the Associação Brasileira dos Criadores de Girolando

"No matter where you are, the information is in the palm of your hand."

Rafael Rocha - Consultant and Veterinarian at Maximum Soluções em Agronegócio


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